Electronic file structure

We organised this Electronic Supplement as a fifth part of ANZIAM Journal. This fifth part appears only in electronic form. The Electronic Supplement also publishes conference proceedings. These appear as a separate electronic only part. All parts of the Electronic Supplement are free for all to read.

The articles are grouped into a Table of Contents (giving title, authors & date) for each volume covering July through to the following June.

Each article has a home page giving the abstract, links to the electronic document itself, links to the bibliography record, addresses of the authors, and the reference list. All the above is provided in standard html and is readable by any web browser.

Article format is PDF

The full text of the articles are available in the Adobe PDF. This format combines quality postscript with hypertext extensions and is designed for both interactive viewing on screen and for high quality print. This is the format of choice to get the best of the electronic enhancements.